[[t]a͟ʊtklɑ͟ːs, -klæ̱s[/t]]
outclasses, outclassing, outclassed
1) VERB If you are outclassed by someone, they are a lot better than you are at a particular activity.

[be V-ed] Mason was outclassed by Lennox Lewis in his tragic last fight at Wembley...

[V n] Few city hotels can outclass the Hotel de Crillon.

[V-ed] ...the hopelessly outclassed French champion.

2) VERB If one thing outclasses another thing, the first thing is of a much higher quality than the second thing.

[be V-ed] These planes are outclassed by the most recent designs from the former Soviet Union...

[V n] The story outclasses anything written by Frederick Forsyth.


English dictionary. 2008.

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